Management Science Concentrations

OPMA – Operations Management

This concentration trains students to look at the big picture in business operations, and conceptualize processes from start to finish.  Professionals in this field develop the most efficient and effective way to deliver products and services through quality management, project management, and data analytics – a perfect mix of scientific analysis and creative thinking.

BTMA – Business Technology Management

The business world today runs on technology, and Business Technology Management professionals specialize in sourcing and designing data management.  This concentration, formerly known as Management Information Systems, prepares students to analyze and plan and firm’s data management needs while keeping up with today’s rapidly changing technology.

SCMA – Supply Chain Management

Supply chain professionals have a very important role in business – managing the flow of products from producers all the way to consumers.  Professionals in this field are on the forefront of some of today’s most important issues in business, such as offshoring versus local sourcing, quality control, and environmental impact of logistics and transport.  Students in this concentration graduate with the valuable skills they need to make an impact in business.

BPMA – Business Process Management

This concentration is a blend of Operations Management and Business Technology Management.  Get the best of both worlds – learn to analyze business processes and data management, and apply quality management to optimize a firm’s operations.  Students in this concentration acquire a number of highly demanded skills in the business world.