Excel Seminars

Excel Crash Course for MGST 217 – January 18th and 19th

For those interested in registering in the Excel Crash Course, AMIO will be in room SH 215 (in class) to take payment for those that prefer to pay cash ($5) on Wednesday, January 13th. You may also register below with credit card or PayPal for an extra fee. There are four sessions:

Monday, January 18th: 5-6:15pm and 6:30-7:45pm

Tuesday, January 19th: 5-6:15pm and 6:30-7:45pm

Both sessions are in SH 105 computer lab. No laptop necessary.

Contact info@amiocalgary.ca for more information.

Content covered:
-Inserting worksheets, columns, and rows
-Merging cells, adding borders, formatting
-Absolute and relative references
-Data sorting and filtering